If you’re doing something to promote the idea of sustainable urban mobility, we want to hear about it!

By registering your MOBILITYACTION on this website, you can become a part of DO THE RIGHT MIX, an initiative of the European Commission. The campaign runs all year round with the celebration of EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK from 16-22 September the focal point.

Once registered, your steps to promote sustainable urban mobility will be displayed on our list of MOBILITYACTIONS covering the European Union’s 28 Member States, plus Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway.

Whether you’ve decided to cycle to work with your neighbours, or you’re an employer taking concrete action to encourage your employees to use public transport, we’re eager to help you share your success story.

As the long as the action you’re doing promotes a behavioural shift towards a more sustainable urban mobility culture (with a particular focus on multimodality) and is of a promotional rather than a technical nature (i.e. technical innovations themselves will not be recognised), you’re eligible.


How does it work?

All you have to do is create a profile and fill in the online registration form. Tell us about the promotional action you’re organising in your neighbourhood, city, town, school, organisation or company.


What’s in it for me?

We want to help you to share your success story with the wider world. By joining DO THE RIGHT MIX, your promotional action will not only become part of a much larger campaign, it will also be visible on our website for all visitors to see. To increase visibility you will be allowed to use the campaign stamp and associated promotional materials, like this flyer.

Interested? Click here to register your MOBILITYACTION.

Eligibility criteria

Registration of awareness-raising action promoting sustainable urban mobility is open to everyone – groups of people, NGOs, social partners, research/teaching institutions, local/national authorities, public institutions and public/private companies are all welcome to join us. A MOBILITYACTION can be limited to a specific day or last for several weeks/month. It can happen during EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK (16-22 September) or at any other moment during the year, but the mention to EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK can only be used when the action is taking place from 16-22 September.

Each MOBILITYACTION must meet the following conditions:

  • The registration form must be submitted in clear, standard English
  • The action must take place in an EU Member State, Iceland, Liechtenstein or Norway
  • The action must promote a behavioural shift towards a more sustainable urban mobility culture
  • The organisation promoting the registered action must not be involved in the production or the promotion of any products, actions or events that are potentially harmful to citizens
  • The action must not encourage unlawful behaviour or civil disobedience
  • Entrants must be aged 18 or older


  • You will be allowed to include the DO THE RIGHT MIX campaign stamp in your promotional materials. Further details are specified in the Toolkit
  • The right to participate in DO THE RIGHT MIX is given to actions as entities themselves and not to institutions or companies. In practice this means that the associated campaign materials can be used only on web pages promoting the action and not every page of an organisation’s website. Affiliation with the campaign is in no way intended to serve as endorsement of commercial advertisements, products or services
  • By uploading campaign materials, participants confirm that they have the full ownership of the rights to these materials. The applicant agrees that the European Commission reserves the right to use the uploaded materials and content in any form for the purpose of promoting DO THE RIGHT MIX campaign
  • The European Secretariat’s decision is final. The European Secretariat also reserves the right to reject a registration that does not comply with the requirements of the campaign. By submitting a registration, entrants accept that they do not have legal recourse to challenge the European Secretariat decision
  • By registering an action, the entrant accepts that s/he has read and understood the campaign rules
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